About Us

About National Idol English Boarding School

It started its academic journey in 2064 B.S. (2008 AD) in the name of Shaligram Ex-Army English Academy (Renamed as National Idol English Boarding School in 2067), with unparalleled commitment to academic excellence, under the efficient management of time and devoted academicians, social workers’ philanthropist, business community, professors and lecturers, professional teachers, eminent sport- personalities and most responsible local residents under the leadership of Late Mr. Purna Chandra Bhusal as he had a great  dream of an English Medium school in Bihadi sector.

Later in 2067 (2011 A.D.) Mr. Sundar Bhusal son of Mr. Purna Chandra Bhusal returned the share of all other share holders and overtook the authority of the school under his single ownership as he was keen to fulfil his father’s dream of an English medium school in this rural part of Parbat. In 2071 B.S. Mr Bhim Shrestha was included as 20% share holder as Mr. Bhusal being one of the business icon of Nepal and the vice president of international youth federation was unable to look after the school management. Mr Bhim Shrestha was given the responsibility of the financial director and Mr Krishna Prashad Bhusal (elder brother of Mr. Sundar Bhusal) is the President of School Management committee.

It proceeds its journey with leaps and bounds to attend its newer and greater summit. And it’s all because of its qualified and dedicated management team, the most committed staff and personnel and the sound infrastructural design to equip its students and marvel towards the path of success in the national and international Academic Arena. Therefore; this institution is objected to extend the right lead for the right foundation of academic advancement to the youths of this 21st century.

National Idol’s Vision: ‘We nurture’

  • To develop this institute as an excellent academic centre for each faculties of learning such as, Humanities, Science, Management, Computer, Nursing education etc. as per the national and international standard.
  •  Produce the most reliant and self-designed morale citizens.
  •   Develop the versatility of every student according to their perceptive intelligence.
  •   Make students career oriented and focus on the practical approach of learning.
  •   Promote interpersonal skills, including self-management, leadership, and social harmony.
  •  Adopt learning as a lifelong process, value, our diversified culture and physiographic diversity and honour each other’s sentiment and feelings.


– To generate skilled and veteran academic manpower for the country and abroad.

– To create truly professional and socially responsible, healthy and morale citizen.

– To impart a complete package in the form of academic and extra-curricular activities to the complete growth and over-all development of student’s future.

– To provide nationally and internationally recognized quality education to explore development opportunities in local and foreign work etc.

– To enhance and enrich the IQ and level of maturity with the sense of reasoning and self-judgment.

– To up-date students according to the changing global market demands and make them resourceful.

– To develop humanity, brotherhood and cultural harmony among the learners for national integrity and global fraternity.


Special care and guidance is an important part of a quality education where the focus is holistic development of the students. The marginal and poor students are specially coached by diligent teachers with morning and evening extra classes. Regular computer classes with internet facilities are provided to the students. Students trained and coached under sound and healthy environment.

Believing in the slogan “Healthy mind dwells on healthy body” as extra-curricular activities, we have been focusing on different games and sports activities. Along with games, Quiz, Debates, Speeches, singing, dance class etc. are also the main concern of this organization and throughout the year participants are sent to take part in regional and district level competitions. Even different clubs like NI-ECA club and Junior Red Cross are also established for the overall development of student personality. Besides, even calligraphic development skill is also imparted to train the students for developing their trend of attractive and impressive writing skills. In this way, this well-established organization National Idol, along with its related wings has been centre of attraction for learners of Bihadi Rural Municipality.